scons - Add-ons for the SCons build tool

Tools and utilities for the SCons build tool.

clean_action - Support for custom actions executed when cleaning

SCons Actions to be performed when cleaning.

clean_action(env, targets, action)[source]

To be installed with: env.AddMethod(nxpy.scons.clean_action.clean_action, ‘CleanAction’)

msvs - MS Visual Studio configuration add-ons

project - Support using SCons as a meta-build tool

Support for handling project files with SCons, i.e. use it as a meta-build tool.

class Project[source]
__call__(target, source, env, for_signature)[source]
add(env, target, path)[source]

util - SCons related utilities

Utilities for the SCons build tool.

is_cleaning(env, targets)[source]