ccase - An API for the ClearCase version control tool

Tools and utilities related to the ClearCase software configuration management product.

cleartool - Wrapper class for the cleartool utility

Programming interface to the ClearCase configuration management tool. Implemented by driving interactively the cleartool program.

class ClearTool(cmd=None, log=False)[source]

Allows manipulation of ClearCase UCM projects by driving the cleartool utility in a subprocess.

Each sub-command is implemented in its own method. In general cleartool’s standard output is returned, except when standard error contains useful information, in which case both are returned.

__init__(cmd=None, log=False)[source]

Create a cleartool interpreter.

cmd is an optional command.interpreter.Interpreter instance, used mainly to supply an alternative implementation for tests; log is an optional logging destination.

checkin(*elements, **options)[source]
checkout(*elements, **options)[source]
describe(*args, **options)[source]
ln(dest, *src, **options)[source]

Note: Arguments are inverted with respect to the original command, beware!

ls(*files, **options)[source]
lsactivity(*activities, **options)[source]

Note: fmt=r”%[versions]pn” causes a race condition with activities that have a large number of contribuents.

lshistory(obj, **options)[source]
lsview(*tags, **options)[source]
mv(dest, *src, **options)[source]

Note: Arguments are inverted with respect to the original command, beware!

rmname(*args, **options)[source]
setactivity(activity, **options)[source]
uncheckout(*elements, **options)[source]
exception ClearToolError[source]

Raised when cleartool returns an unexpected reply.

exception FailedCommand(cmd, err_code=0, err='')[source]

Raised when a command returns an error code.

__init__(cmd, err_code=0, err='')[source]
exception InvalidArgument[source]

Raised on an invalid argument combination.

ccase.test - Test utilities for the ccase package

Test utilities for the ccase package.

env - Test environment definition

Clearcase test environment definition.

exception ConfigurationError[source]

Raised when the ClearCase test environment is not properly set.

class Env[source]

Environment configuration information for ClearCase related tests.

backup_ext = '.test'

Extension used for backup files.

Name for a link created when testing the ln() method.


If the environment is correctly configured an instance of Env is returned, otherwise the current test is skipped. test is a unittest.TestCase instance containing the test currently being executed.